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JIYI K++ flight control Dual CPU optional obstacle avoidance radar for DIY Agricultural Drone

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JIYI K++ flight control Dual CPU optional obstacle avoidance radar for DIY Agricultural Plant Protection spraying drone

Software and hardware upgrades, security is even more

As a new generation of flagship flight control system, k++ combines the advantages of the classic flight control K3A, and strengthens the compatibility and multi-redundancy scheme to form a redundant redundancy control system with superior performance and strong reliability. Work safe.

Precise control

Flight accuracy increased by 25%,

Vertical control accuracy increased by 20%;

The trajectory is more precise and the flight is smoother.

Strong earthquake resistance

Double shock absorption structure design,

Respond to a variety of complex vibration effects,

The aging of the rack can also be stable.

Reduce investment in after-sales maintenance.

Multiple redundant backup

Three redundant imu,

Double redundant barometer,

Flying is safer.  

Noise reduction and power saving

Motor noise is three times smaller,

Province 5~15% electricity,

The flying sound is smaller.   

Calibration free

Industrial grade sensor configuration,

One calibration

Lifetime free imu calibration.

Attitude control

The attitude control stability is doubled.

Control is more stable,

Better wind resistance.

Dual CPU configuration

More powerful processing,  

Supports up to 1000Hz ESC control.

Backup power

The main control supports the backup power interface.

The power supply is more reliable.  

Intelligent vibration analysis function

K++ comes with intelligent vibration analysis function, which can determine the vibration of the aircraft in real time during flight, and display the safety warning in the APP to help adjust the adaptability of all aspects of the fuselage device, making the flight operation more energy efficient, safer and safer.

Multiple backups are safer to fly  

K++ is equipped with three redundant IMU and dual redundant barometer sensors. During the flight, the sensor data of IMU is monitored in real time through advanced diagnostic algorithms. When the sensor in the navigation system is abnormal, the system immediately switches to another sensor. To ensure the safe flight of the aircraft.  

One calibration, not afraid of environmental interference  

K++ benefits from powerful industrial-grade sensor configuration and algorithm optimization. After the same aircraft flight control system is installed, it only needs to be calibrated once. Even if the operating environment is replaced, it does not need to be recalibrated and is easy to use.  

Product parameters

Supported multi-rotor types:  

Quadcopter (+, X)  

Hexacopter (+, X, IY and YI coaxial twins)  

Octocopter (+ type, X type, V type)  

Supported ESC type: 490HZ or less PWM ESC  

Maximum output channel: 8 channels  

Recommended remote control type  

Supported receiver types: PPM, S-BUS receiver  

Support expansion equipment: K-BOX, IOT, RTK, obstacle avoidance radar,   terrain   radar, integrated remote control, FPV camera, flow meter, level gauge  

Working voltage: 2-12S  

Power consumption: less than 5W  

Working environment temperature: -10~60°C  

Storage environment temperature: -25~60°C

Earthquake resistance rating: <1G

Flight characteristics  

Hovering accuracy: horizontal direction ±1.5 m; vertical direction ±0.5 m

Maximum tilt angle: 30°

Maximum yaw speed: 150°/ sec  

SBUS receiver Maximum vertical speed: 6 m / s  

Wind resistance: continuous wind: 4  

Gust: Level 5

Flight mode and function:  

Attitude mode, GPS mode, AB operation, route operation, one-button return loss control, out of control continue operation, low voltage protection, fence function, log storage function, landing lock function, no-fly zone function, vibration protection function, star protection Function, active noise reduction function, motor sequence detection function, direction detection function, dual pump mode, drug break protection function, precision spray, water pump switch control, water pump linkage control

Hardware specification  


Total net weight: 321g  

FC: 87g

PMU: 41g

PMU2 (UPS): 44g


FC: 72.6mm × 48.0mm × 22.8mm

PMU: 53.4mm × 34.4mmx14.5mm  

PMU2 (UPS): 53.4mm × 34.4mmx14.5mm

GPS: 62*14.3mm  

LED: 24*24*8mm