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2 Axis Brushless Gimbal Frame 2208 Motors BGC Flight Controller for Gopro 3 4 Xiaomi Xiaoyi SJ4000

Brand : LemonFPV
No : 20210703-03

2 Axis Brushless Gimbal Frame 2208 Motors BGC Flight Controller for Gopro 3 4 Xiaomi Xiaoyi SJ4000 Camera FPV RTF DIY Drone


Simple structure and light weight,CNC aluminum alloy structure

Brushless motor direct drive

With anti-vibration rubber balls,easy to adjust

Compatible with Gopro 4 , 3; sj4000 ; xiaomi xiaoyi camera

with 2pcs 2208 motors and BGC gimbal controller,sensor

with motor protector which can help heat dissipation

203g without Camera

Package include:

1 x Aluminum gimbal installed 2 motors

1 x Gimbal controller

1 x Sensor Wiring

1 x belt for camera

2 x servo cables

Question 1:

Why the gimbal shaking so much after power supply?

1:When receive the gimbal, first install the camera, then supply the power, otherwise the gimbal will shake if not install the camera.  

2:The gimal can only load the camera, becausethe gimbal has requirement to the weight, if equipped with a light camera , it will also shake, because it is too light.

3: If the cable bind the gimbal , the motor will also shake, pls let the cable far away from the gimbal.  

Question 2:

The Gimal cannot work after supply the power?

1: pls insert the sensor again, the sensor may be loose during transportation. Just INSERT once again

Question 3:

Why the gimbal board burned?

1: the current is too large, the breakdown of the IC module,pls use batteriy of low Amperage.

Question 4:

What voltages can be used of the gimbal?

1:we proposed using 12V(3S battery)

Note : (very important )   

1. the camera must fixed in the head (without any loosening )     

2 Adjust the camera to the left or right so that the camra is at Horiziontal Level  

3 Before camera fixed in the gimbal , please do not supply power to the board

4 .the parameters on the gimbal is for gopro , sj4000 or xiaoyi camera , if you use other camera , it may not fit or you may need to change the parameters .